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Corporate Vidya


Corporate Vidya

This is the main culprit of our deteriorating education standards in our country and our state. Unfortunately in our country the Education sector is being controlled by the corporate sector and now the Educational degree's have became like a commodity in the market. No doubt the corporates are providing good facilities but the quality and maintenance is not upto the mark.

Education in the corporate schools and colleges is so burdensome and stressful as there is no time for sports / games / ECA but runs from Morning 7 am to Night 8.30 /9 pm for day scholar and From Morning 4 am to 11pm for Hostel students which is more or less like a jail. And the pressure intruded into the students mind to achieve ranks and grades is so worse that most of the students are getting depressed leading to various mental and physical abnormalities in the students.

Corporate Educational institutions in Intermediate Education of our state are rapidly increasing day by day like termites making its roots go deep into the society thereby the Govt colleges and private colleges are dragging behind. Now this system has entered into school level and spoiling the small kids future too by starting IIT / MEDICAL Foundation course from Class 6 onwards making the kids stick to only the classrooms without any relaxation for games / sports and runs from 8 am to 7 pm.

Draw backs :

Excess pressures on students as well as teacher.

Mental abnormalities in the child.

Lack of proper administration and management actions.

Individual talent is not recognized and creativity of the student is not encouraged.

Stick to old lecture methods and insist the students to practice mugging the topics.

Lack of practical experience to the students due to unavailable labs in all the colleges.

Very poor communication skills , interactive skills , practical skills and sportive spirit.

Always force the students to run after Grades , marks and ranks leaving behind the overall personality development.

Health abnormalities in students due to lack of proper ventilation and spacious classrooms.

No playgrounds for relaxation.