About Us

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce us to you esteemed presence that we are vidyatoday, Vidyatoday.in with a motto of updating trends in global education system, and with holy aim of creating awareness in enthusiastic students and their parents to enlighten them about prosperous and splendorous carrier.

www.vidyatoday.in. which is a complete educational website providing information about the current educational systems and various options. In simple terms it is a students education guide for their career prospects to choose the right path of education giving a total insight available to choose from enormous options depending on ones interest.

The services we provided includes Swadeshi Vidya, Videshi Vidya, E-Vidya, E-Library, Mock-Test ,Examinations Results, Career Today, Employment Today, University Updates, Campus-Today, Articles Today, Doora Vidya, Forum , Add Institution etc.

Vidyatoday is the 1st global educational portal; Our Motto is (Swachh Vidya) to educate the society about the purity of education and current education system without making it commercial.